Autumn Sky – track on soundcloud

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so here’s a seasonal track I’ve been working on:

Three new tracks on Soundcloud

The Boy and the Abyss

Here’s a short film by Norwegian film maker Petter Skafle Henriksen. The music is by me.

The boy and the abyss from Petter Skafle Henriksen on Vimeo.

Showreel 2013

Here are some clips of my most recent tracks.

I’m available now for all your original music needs!


1. Earth Orbit 00:00
2. Cyber Clash 00:34
3. Android Romance 01:17
4. South Riding 01:41
5. Fear of Heights 02:20
6. Et in Arcade Ego 03:06
7. Last Shard – Battle Level 03:45
8. Last Shard – Stage Level 04:18
9. Oakheart 05:03
10. Last Shard – Final Battle 06:06
11. Spitfire Loegria 07:08
12. First Person Shooter 08:05
13. Final Scene 08:39

Here’s an audio only version:

Arcade-style Track on Soundcloud

Last Shard – Beta Game Footage

Here’s some beta footage of gameplay from The Last Shard, with music by me. It’s going to be available on Ipad soon. Thanks to Rogerio for putting the demo together for me.

Unused Cue for a Film

This is a bit less ‘crash-bang-wallop’ than the stuff I usually post here, but since it will never see the light of day anywhere else I thought I might upload it anyway. It’s an example of underscore for a film scene that ended up not being used, so there are a few seemingly random ‘hit points’ that would have made sense if you could see the video that the music was written to accompany. I quite like the way the trombones turned out at the end – reminds me a bit of Sibelius (via Vangelis in Bladerunner.)


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